Quantification of DNA

Subsequently, the quantification of the DNA extracted from Exhibit 165B was performed.

On p. 201 of the RTIGF, the following table is displayed:


From what is reported in the above table we see that the quantification of the DNA was performed by means of Real Time PCR, using the 7700 Sequence Detector ABI ORISM™ apparatus from Applied Biosystems.

However, no indication of the kit used for this quantification is given.

Examination of the Real Time PCR relations exhibited shows that quantification via this method was performed, on January 3, 2008, in two repetitions which yielded the following values:

48896 = 0.14
48896 = 0.09

Hence the average [amount] of DNA present was 0.115 ng/μL.

Given that the “quantity of extract” was 50 μL (cf. SAL), multiplying 0.115 ng/μL x 50 μL, the total DNA was 5.775 ng/μL [recte: ng], certainly a meaningful amount, permitting the amplification to be repeated.


One response to “Quantification of DNA

  • johndesmond99

    Can u tell me – how can I find the quantity of DNA extracted from a given sample…in the work sheets….or the electrophergram? Im trying to work out if the quantity of DNA amplified was sub optimal


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