Laboratory Analysis of Item 165B

After the photographic survey, we proceeded to open the tube, extract the clasps, and perform the generic test for blood on two distinct points of the items, indicated respectively by the letters L and M.

The test was conducted by means of “Combur Test® E” (Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Mannheim, Germany; product code 11896857191, site no. 20212701), in the manner previously described.

The following results were obtained:

Generic test for blood:

Trace L = negative reaction

Trace M = negative reaction

The results obtained were documented photographically.

Then, on these same areas, samples were taken via sterile swabs (in individual sealed packaging and opened at the very moment of sampling) dampened with sterile bidistilled water.

Each individual swab was immediately inserted into the approriate tube, on which the letter corresponding to the extraction site was placed.

The above operations were performed while wearing masks, disposable gowns, and disposable gloves, which were regularly changed between each sampling and the next.

When the extraction operations were finished, the claps were folded in a sheet of tissue paper, and together with the transparent tupe and the plastic bag [busta] in which they had originally been sealed, were inserted in a white paper envelope [busta] on which the following label [intestazione] was placed: “Department of Forensic Medicine – Sapienza Univerity of Rome”. The envelope was closed, on one side, by means of brown-colored adhesive tape on which the signatures of the experts and the consultants for the parties were placed.

At the end of the sampling of the items, a negative control (labeled “C.N.“) was prepared by means of a sterile swab (in individual sealed packing and opened at the very moment of sampling) dampened with the same sterile bidistilled water used for the individual extractions on the aforementioned items.


Next: Extraction of DNA from Item 36 (Knife) and Item 165B (Bra Clasps)


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