Laboratory Analysis

Exhibit 165B is described as follows on p. 13 of the RTIGF: “Clasp of bra with small portion of white-colored fabric attached, stained with presumed blood, found in the room of the victim (formerly Exhibit Y)”.

The Work Status Report (SAL) [Stato Avanzamento Lavori] card [scheda] reveals that Exhibit 165B (No. 2 Traces) was given an identifying code (Sample ID Code) as recorded below:

Sample ID Code = 48896

Furthermore, the following information is reported (cf. SAL):

Trace Description: Presumed flaking cells – B (hooks)
Extract quantity: 50
Extract location: 271/F1
Analyses performed
Extraction date: 12-29-07

The SAL shows that the generic test for blood using tetramethylbenzine (TMB) was not performed on Exhibit 165B, and nor was any laboratory test performed to show the presence of biological material other than blood.

We maintain that it would have been necessary to proceed to morphological analysis in search of any cells that may have been present by means of coloration with any of the reagents commonly employed in histology (hematoxylin). Such a simple and quick test would have required a minimal amount of material that would not have in any way compromised the subsequent laboratory tests but would have been able to clarify the nature of the material taken from the item under examination.

Notwithstanding the omitted test for cells (and thus the failure to identify the material taken from Exhibit 165B), the Technical Consultant hypothesized the presence of “presumed flaking cells” on the aforementioned item.

The Technical Consultant’s hypothesis regarding the nature of the material analyzed (which was confirmed at the preliminary hearing and at the trial), is wholly arbitrary in that it is not supported by any scientifically objective finding.


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