Analysis of Individual DNA Extracts (Samples A-M)

With regard to samples A-M, the real-time PCR analysis reveals a very low initial amount of DNA, with the maximum measurable DNA concentration at 0.005 ng/μL (5 pg/μL) in sample “I”. The following table reports the measurements relative to the indiviudal samples examined in triplicate. It should be noted that the analysis conducted on the internal control (IPC) does not reveal anything suggestive of an inhibition of the PCR reaction. In fact, the value of Ct relative to the IPC turns out to always lie in the interval between 28-31, in line with expectation. In other words, from the analysis performed one can rule out the presence of inhibitors of the PCR reaction capable of compromising the DNA amplification in the individual samples analyzed. The concentration of DNA in the majority of the samples examined turned out to be undeterminable (Undetermined).

[table  part 1]

[table part 2]

[table part 3]

[table part 4]

Finally, for each DNA sample (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, L, M, CN, and NTC), we report below the plot [tracciato] relative to the PCR reaction. Each plot (Male SRY, Human RPPH1 and IPC) consists of three curves (triplicate), each of which is shown with three different colors as indicated in the tables recorded for each plot:

[graphs part 1]

[graphs part 2]

[graphs part 3]


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One response to “Analysis of Individual DNA Extracts (Samples A-M)

  • Leeck

    This is interesting,sure, but for me the detailed notetaking is too difficult to fully grasp,i ve been following the Knox and sollecito case at the time and now again as their appeal is finally coming up, late enough,this September.
    In the Massei report in 2009, there were two things that seemed a bit incriminating and I m trying to get an answer to what happened to that evidence ,can anyone help?I m talking about the controversy whether this was REALLY Raffaele s bloody footprint that they found on the Bathmat in Kercher s and Knox s flat.

    Second issue would be the bra clasp that supposedly hat sollecito s DNA on it? Is this now discredited, cause if not, it does mke him look guilty, because otherwise how the dickens would it have gotten there?
    Needless to say I still think this is a blatant case of injust framing pf innocents and though I can vaguely understand the gluttony, cruelty and pride that motivated their “highlevel” prosecutors…thats what a lot of these professionals are like in reality…I MARVEL at the ease which the media and ordinary people demonstrated their willingness to witchhunt
    there was absolutely never any credible motive in the first place.None:Only fewered speculation which says a lot abt the perverted mindset of their hunters,secondly there were so many red herrings it beggars belief( a scream was maybe or maybe not heard, at 11 30h at night , so WHAT

    Where are the witnesses, I mean as in CREDIBLE witnesses that saw them in the flat,nowhere ,that s where-I ve rarely seen and find it unbelievable that two ppl can be imprisoned on such flimsy evidence for such an extraordinarily long time-
    It could happen to any of us then,if your neighbour chooses to slander you, if you seem to make an easy fallguy for the prosecution because you re too young or tpo old or to foreign…you too or me, could find ourselves there.
    The biggest almost ridiculous red herring is this non starter with Raffeles kitchen knife 8 bot to m,ention now there was only starch on it(
    Its such a non starter in the first place, as i said, because 1,Why would he bring it over fr his place to Kercher s place ?to conveniently frame himself up?whats surprising that Knox s DNA was on It, come again? They COOKED with it normally in raffeles flat didn t they?If anyone now say How come the victim s dna was on it i can only say the only explanation is contamination.psychologically it doesn t make sense that the two killed her, they were normal not murderous people they had no motive of any sort ::but the prosecutors had every reason to not admit their errors and frameups becasue that is against the law if proven, in any country, so Yeah, psychologically it made sense to continue their witch hunt, even if it was and still is damned IMMORAL-

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