On January 22, 2011,  the undersigned Prof. Stefano Conti and Prof. Carla Vecchiotti, Specialists in Forensic Medicine employed in the Forensic Medicine Section of the Department of Anatomical, Histological, Forensic, and Locomotive Sciences of the Univeristy of Rome – La Sapienza, were appointed by Judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann of the Corte di Assise di Appello of Perugia, Criminal Section, to conduct laboratory investigations relative to criminal case no. 10/2010 R.G. in order to provide answers to the following inquiries:

Having examined the record and conducted such technical investigations as shall be necessary, the Expert Panel shall ascertain:

  •  “whether it is possible, by means of a new technical analysis, to identify the DNA present on items 165b (bra clasp) and 36 (knife), and to determine the reliability of any such identification“
  • “if it is not possible to carry out a new technical analysis, shall evaluate, on the basis of the record, the degree of reliability of the genetic analysis performed by the Scientific Police on the aforementioned items, including with respect to possible contamination.” 
As it was necessary to conduct investigations outside of the presence of the Office [i.e. Court], 90 days were allotted, with a subsequent extension, for the submission of the expert report.
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