1. Assignment [Incarico]
  2. Tests [Operazioni Peritali]
  3. Description of Item 36 (Knife) [Descrizione del Rep. 36 (Coltello)]
  4. Laboratory Analyis of Item 36 [Analisi di Laboratorio sul Rep. 36
  5. Description of Item 165B (Bra Clasps)
  6. Laboratory Analysis of Item 165B
  7. Extraction of DNA from Item 36 (Knife) and Item 165B (Bra Clasps)
  8. Quantification of DNA by “Real Time PCR” Technique
  9. Preparation of Samples for Real-Time PCR
  10. Analysis of Individual DNA Extracts (Samples A-M)
  11. Cytological Analysis
  12. Cytocentrifugation to Detect Cellular Material
  13. Conclusions (1)
  14. Notes on Inspection and Collection Techniques
  15. Notes on Forensic Laboratory Tests

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