Description of Item 36 (Knife)

We observed Item 36 (knife) to be locked inside of a transparent plastic bag of the State Police, sealed with a red-colored string [laccio] of rigid plastic. An initial observation of the object inside of the sealed bag revealed several narrow streaks on the right side that proceeded from the edge [filo] of the blade to around the halfway point of the blade itself. We thus proceeded to open the bag with the aid of sterile scissors.

The knife is of single-lip type [tipo monotagliente] with the brand indication “Marietti Stainless – Inox – Italy” affixed on the left side; the blade is casted [inserita in lavorazione pressofusa] into a plasticized handle of black color. The marketed characteristics of Marca Marietti knives, according to the manufacturer’s specifications [scheda della Casa costruttrice], are “AISI 420 Steel Blades, printed and polished”.  The handle, of quadrilateral shape, has dimensions of 3 x 6.6 cm, with the blade (which is “tight” [a tenuta]) inserted in the middle; the length of the blade is 17.5 cm along the back and 18 cm. along the cutting side [il tagliente], with a width [altezza] of 3 cm, and border thickness of around 1.5mm.

On the right side we confirm the visible presence of thin [sottili] streaks, some of which [are] of curvilinear type, which extend from the tip to about halfway down the blade and [are] on the entire surface of the width [= width of the surface?]; at the level of the edge where the blade and the handle make contact, an area of lighter color is present on almost the entire width of the blade, for a thickness of about 0.5 cm (corresponding to the chamfer [becco di flauto, lit. “beak of flute”]). Also present on the right side, exactly at the level of the edge where the blade meets the handle, is dark-colored material that extends to the entire width for a thickness of about 1 mm, and at the level of the chamfer about 2 mm. Still on the right side, at the level of the back at about 1.5 cm from the tip, are small diagonally-placed streaks which extend toward the center, for a length of about 6 cm. The upper edge, back of blade, does not show alterations.

On the left side, there are thin streaks starting from the tip which extend to about halfway down the blade. At the level of the edge where the blade and handle make contact, also on the left side, is an area of darker color extending throughout the width of the blade with a maximal dimension of about 0.6 cm and for almost 0.6 cm at the lower level corresponding to the chamfer. Also detectable at the level of the contact point between the blade and the handle is material of darker color extending to the entire width of the blade for a thickness of about 1 mm. The upper edge, back of knife, does not show alterations; along the cutting side are numerous discontinuities, less than [number missing] mm. which extend for a length of about 11 cm.

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